Lifelong learning is key to advancing any career. Those that make the investments in themselves are those that rise above.

Jay is the Managing Director of Grow USA a world leading professional education and training provider in Design and Innovation. Jay has taught over 200 development professionals from world leading companies, including; Hasbro, Cisco, Honda, Intuit, Unilever, Bose, Staples, Samsonite, 3M, Accenture, to help them harness the value of Design.

Some notable programs include:

Delivered a 16 month training program to the internal design team to help them deliver more impact across the business

Delivered a 2 day training program to over 150 marketers to help them better manage & lead product & brand design

Delivered a 2 day training program to the design leadership team to help them increase design’s role and impact

Key areas that Jay educates & trains professionals to deliver Design Value