Design, Innovation & Branding for the cannabis industry

As a speaker, Jay brings forward his valuable experience in branding, marketing, and design management from world-leading companies to the forefront of discussions that are now more prevalent than ever: how do we make cannabis brands more differentiated (read: desirable and recommended) in a growing competitive marketplace? How do we innovate for a global presence? How do we seize the opportunity to utilize design and design management in a field that’s poised to change how we think about medicine, healing & health?

Cannabis is an exploding industry, and the field will benefit from leading innovation and design leadership practices that world-leading brands have already mastered. Learn how PARK can draw on their consultancy work in leading global Consumer Packaged Goods (Unilever, Nestle, Kimberley-Clark, etc.) & Healthcare/Pharma (GSK, Novartis, Roche, etc.) companies to inspire, educate and guide established & emerging cannabis brands & product producers (to lead their own domination of the marketplace, or, to dominate the cannabis marketplace as well).

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